Improv for New Work

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Our ways of working are changing.

Or better said, our ways of working have to change, if we want to keep growing and developing.

They have to change because they are based on older paradigms, dating back decades with little alterations of the years.

Granted, there have been changed, but mostly incremental ones.

Now that society, markets and people made quantum leaps in adopting new paradigms of behaviors, the world of work have only one choice, to make a leap as well.

And this time, not an incremental one, a disruptive one.

But… if work and organizations have always been so self-referential, where do we look?

After all…

• We want communication, flexibility, agility and resilience to change.
• We want to not only be able to withstand a curveball, but to enjoy its arrival and use it proactively to integrate it into our strategy.
• We want to see hurdles as gifts and as seeds of potential for our next big thing, and we want that to be the basis of how we want to innovate.
• We don’t want to be afraid of chaos, we want to respect it and be able to thrive with it.

If all that we want is true, and if it is true that the world of work can’t help us with its older concepts and structures, we need to look somewhere else.

We need to look at ways of working and cooperating that have been built to function in chaos, and that have stood the test of time to prove themselves as something we can trust and rely on.

Improvisational theatre, or improv, is one of those ways.

Improvisers are self-organizing teams, working under shared leadership conditions, innovating and developing products on the spot under the worst possible conditions.

And the best part is, they have no idea of what any of that means. They just do it, succeed, repeat it and enjoy it.

And all of this because they built their way of working together around change and chaos.

So if there is a way of working that allows us to do that, the only smart thing to do it taking a look at why this is different, why it works, and what we can take for our professional life.

And THAT is what we will do in this workshop.


EDOARDO BINDA ZANE of EBZ COACHING is a communication and leadership trainer. He trains leaders, teams and individuals to communicate better, using skills from improvisation theatre, his own personal management experience, and research compiled by respected external sources.

He provides teamwork training for top-level companies and has developed a parallel career in 7-figure EU project management and improvisational theatre, performing internationally and studying with several top-level schools (UCB, David Razowsky, ComedySportz). He exploits contact points between these realities and uses them to transfer skills between them.He is the author of two books:

• “Effective Decision-Making: how to make better decisions under uncertainty and pressure”
• “Writing Proposals: A Handbook of What Makes Your Project Right For Funding”