Vue.js - The progressive framework


Our Meetup consists of two talks about the Progressive JavaScript Framework Vue (Details at

Vue Composing Components
Vue.js gives us flexible ways to reuse code and distribute functionalities for components. In this talk we will see how we can encapsulate logic while still keeping our components customisable without having to override styles. We will use Tools like Mixins and Slots and learn why we should not extend components like one might know it from class inheritance of object oriented languages.

Speaker: Vannessa Böhner
Having written her first website at the age of 10, Vanessa has always been passionate about web development. After studying media informatics with HCI (human-computer-interaction) in Munich, she worked as a fullstack developer and UX designer in a small startup. There she used backbone.js for a larger Single Page Application and started using Preact (a lightweight 3kb version of React) for small widgets. Always looking for new improvements in the web, she learned about the advantages of Angular when working on complex applications. As Vue.js appeared, she was excited about the approachable and progressive framework which seems to be just perfect for all different cases - small prototypes and larger applications. It has become her preferred choice when starting new projects.

Vue CLI — Standard Tooling for Vue.js Development
This talk introduces the new version of the Vue CLI, a full system for rapid Vue.js development. We will showcase project scaffolding, as well as zero config prototyping, by example.

Speaker: Jenny Zeiser
Jenny Zeiser is a media computer scientist and currently working as Frontend developer at myposter. Why Vue.js? Because it’s an awesome framework and part of my daily work.