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Hello all,

Let's kick off the summer break by having a night of iOS presentations, networking and community. Jetbrains will kindly host us and provide drinks and snacks.

Want to present your iOS App, Framework or other interesting concept to the community? Give send us a message on meetup.com or dm one of us on slack.


'XCoordinator - A powerful navigation library for iOS based on the Coordinator pattern'
by Paul Kraft - QuickBird Studios

Let’s redefine how navigation is done in iOS. This presentation will introduce you to the iOS navigation library XCoordinator. Being based on the Coordinator-pattern, it answers the common question: “How does an app transition from one ViewController to another?“. It’s a navigation framework for decoupling complicated navigation and transition code from your view components. We’ll start with a light introduction to the Coordinator-pattern and show the pros and cons of it. Afterwards, we will dive into XCoordinator and introduce it to a small project.


'A generic solution for offline persistence of user interactions' - by Karim Alweheshy - United Internet AG

Ever worked with offline data on iOS? Then you might also have written some code to avoid/fix race conditions. Synk is our in-house solution in 1&1 using Core Data and URLSession. Not only it avoids race conditions on the lowest levels, it asserts sequential executions, it also helps with (re-)authentication, it executes requests on the background, retries in case of client error and it persists to CoreData.


We also have a Slack channel that you can join, message us your email in a private message and we will add you.