OpenThings! - The last mile to The Things Network


Already wondered how to bring the The Things Network devices data easy out of the console? Then next meetup will fit perfect for you. OpenThings! is a new initiative to provide you a simple way to publish your IoT data to the public, friends and even customers.

Within this hands-on we will give you your personal account to the brand new OpenThings! platform, which allows you to instantly visualize your IoT projects. And that as free and as unlimited as you are already blessed from The Things Network.

OpenThings! is based on thingsboard community edition, a very powerful data acquisition, storage and dashboard solution. Feel free to check the potential at

So, what are you waiting for? Pick-up your laptop - a running internet browser is already enough - Place your registration, but be quick - the early bird catches the worm, our meeting room is limited to 20 participants at max. And let your TTN devices rock on OpenThings!

PS: Don't forget to bring the laptop and a registered TTN device with you. Of course, if you don't have access to a running device we will provide you a data stream from one of ours... and yes, we speak german, french and english there

That's all folks - Looking forward to meetup you