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Trust in Tech - Perimeter Security

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1. Talk - Perimeter Security
what is it and why isn't it enough?
Lots of companies trust their computer networks to be somewhat secure. This usually means strong firewalling and the use of encrypted VPNs. You will get some insight into the fundamentals behind this and the limitations of this strategy. I will show you why you should take a more secure, decentralized approach.
We will go through some examples of attacks on network security and explore the risks and possible countermeasures. Hopefully, you will get your immediate questions answered in an extended Q&A as well as gaining some fresh perspective on your own company's infrastructure.

Mic Szillat is a systems engineer working for the small web hosting company Uberspace, in the operations team responsible for running the physical machines, virtual machines and the network. You can also book Mic as a trainer for IT automation tooling and as a consultant.
Mic is an active member in the Freifunk movement (community-run wireless networks) and the Chaos Computer Club (a white hat hacker association).

2. Talk Lost Boys: How Linux and Mac Intersect in a Windows-Centric Security World
Windows has such a large market share as the platform of choice, it can render Linux and Mac the Lost Boys in the world of security. The session will focus on how neglecting Linux and Mac in your environment can affect your overall security posture. The session will cover real-world scenarios to show the importance of ensuring full coverage of endpoints, servers and cloud, regardless of operating system.

Josh Harriman is VP of Cyber Security Intelligence for Ziften and leads security research and analytics. Josh has over 18 years’ experience working in both the US and Europe. Josh’s experience included leading the engineering test team for the fault tolerant division at Stratus Technologies and heading up the client-side security team at Into Networks. His interest in cybersecurity and virus research brought Josh to Symantec, in Dublin Ireland, where he worked for seven years as Senior Technical lead within the Security Response (STAR) division. He has written and presented technical papers at both EICAR and Virus Bulletin conferences worldwide with a focus on Anti-Virus and Rootkit Testing Methodologies. Josh attended Northeastern University and majored in Computer Science.