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Start into 2017

Hi everyone! We hope that you started well into 2017, and we are back with our first TypeScript meetup this year. We will have at least 3 interesting presentations coming up:

TypeScript in the Angular 2 Ecosystem

Simon Huber, 15min, light

After having used the language heavily in an Angular 2 project there are interesting findings on how well the language suites the framework and vice-versa.

Building Apps with NativeScript

Martin Čavoj, 15min, light

Ever heard about NativeScript? That's another mobile app framework. But interestingly different...

TypeScript Key Concepts

Lukas Elmer, 20-30min, deep

When you know other statically typed languages like C# and Java, you will find yourself at home using TypeScript. However, some things work very different in TypeScript, compared to these other languages, and this can:

• Take you time investigating
• Make you lose type safety
• Complicate your code
• Even lead you to a suboptimal architecture

In my presentation, I will shine light on some TypeScript key concepts, and show how they differ to other statically typed languages. The goal is that after this presentation, you will have to wonder less about strange typing features or errors.


You know something about TypeScript? We are welcome to bring your talk!

Community Exchange

After the talks, there will be time for community exchange. Beverages and snacks will be provided.

Industriestrasse 44 · Wallisellen
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