Join us for a deep dive into Typescript Decorators, learn about JS-WTFs and more

TypeScript Switzerland
TypeScript Switzerland
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Renuo AG

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We are on the first floor. Ring the bell at Renuo AG if the doors are closed.

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We are happy to announce the first TS-Meetup of 2018 at the 14th of March. There are already 2 confirmed talks. If you have something to present - also for an upcoming meeting, please send us a message - we'd love to have your support! See you soon!

Lightning talks

1) Dependency Injection, a deep dive into Typescript Decorators (Lukas Gamper, uSystems)
2) Making a complex post list widget accessible – Case Study (Bogdan Vancea, Microsoft)
3) JS-WTF’s: Inconsistencies every TS/JS-Developer should know (Simon Huber, Renuo)

After the lightning talks we will have time to socialize.