#3 Berlin VVVV Meetup / A day at LINK

VVVV Meetup Berlin
VVVV Meetup Berlin
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This is a special one.
Join us for a sunday at LINK - the vvvv summercamp at the lake.

Probably most of you already heard about LINK. LINK is the vvvv summer camp and will be happening in early August this year 130km north east of Berlin at the Lake "Großer Wummsee" .Unfortunatley the application is closed since weeks and we have 25 participants working in our summercamp.

BUT, we open the space for everybody on our last day Sunday August 12th. We invite everybody for our next VVVV Meetup to spend a day with us at LINK with Food, Drinks, Swimming and Sun. Bring your kids and friends.

Please register here: http://www.link-summercamp.de/open-sunday

We'll have barbecue and drinks there. No need to bring anything except €10 expenses.

Have a nice sunset and spend the night with us. No Problem, bring a tent, we count you for the breakfast on Monday morning then.

See www.link-summercamp.de. Please share your ride with others. We set up this spreadsheet for travel organizations. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vJNSrZbb-lY-njK7nevKamcZJGRIhoCkqtov8fGTcYs/edit#gid=0

For any aditional information and how to get there please see

Thanks go to Laura and Julia and her family who open their paradies for us.