5th Deep Learning Meetup in Vienna

Vienna Deep Learning Meetup
Vienna Deep Learning Meetup
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Automic Software GmbH

Am Europlatz 5 · Wien

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Hi Deep Learners,

After our summer break we are going to have our 5th Deep Learning meetup on September 22nd with exciting topics - GoogLeNet and CaffeJS - and a new venue:

This meetup is hosted by Automic Software (Am Europlatz 5, Meidling) which also kindly support us with drinks and snacks!

We will have the following program:

• brief Automic Intro:
Josef Puchinger - Deep Learning & The Future of Automation

• Christoph Körner - Going Deeper with GoogLeNet and CaffeJS

• Latest News / Hot topics

• Open discussions

Christoph is a passionate Software Engineer and Web Enthusiast and looked deeply into GoogLeNet.

GoogLeNet (the winner of ILSVRC14) uses 20 times less parameters than other competing models while achieving better classification accuracy by making use of inception modules. This makes it possible to run GoogLeNet on devices and platforms with less memory and computing power than powerful GPU workstations. In this talk, he will shed some light on these inception modules and how they are used to reduce the parameters of a deep neural network. As a proof of concept, he will also show some cool demos running a pretrained GoogLeNet entirely in the browser using CaffeJS and the webcam.

After the talk we will present latest news in Deep Learning and after that we will have time for open discussions about the topics of the talks and other burning questions.

PS: We are looking for people who would like to present their daily application / problem where DL/ML plays a role in one of the next meetups!

Looking forward to seeing you all!