Eclipse Photon Series: What's New in the Eclipse Xtext 2.14?


The MeetUp will be held on Google Hangouts and you will be able to watch the live stream directly on YouTube.

This is a virtual Meetup occurring at 11AM Eastern Time (8AM Pacific Time, 5PM Central European Time). For help with your timezone calculation, refer to this (


Join the conversation: #VirtualEclipse

Presenter: Karsten Thoms & Holger Schill

Host: Stephanie Swart

Xtext 2.14 is the release for Eclipse Photon and comes with an impressive set of new features (see release notes). With full support for Java 9 & 10, JUnit 5, Gradle 4.7, Tycho 1.2 and LSP 3.7 we are pleased to support more platforms than ever. Furthermore, Xtext is an early adopter of Eclipse Photon’s new Code Mining API, while staying backward compatible to Eclipse Luna.

In this session you will learn about all the awesome new stuff and why you should upgrade immediately. Even if you are not an Xtext user right now, you will become one after this session.

Biography: Karsten Thoms
Karsten Thoms works for itemis since 15 years, with almost 10 years history as Eclipse Committer. He is most active on projects Eclipse Xtext, Platform, and JDT, and also contributes to other Eclipse projects. Besides his Eclipse activities, Karsten is team lead for Language Engineering & DevOps at itemis and provides professional support services for customers.

Biography: Holger Schill
Holger Schill works for itemis and has a strong focus on DSLs for more than 10 years. Holger is a committer to Xtext and other open source projects.