Software Updates in IoT with Eclipse hawkBit

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Software updates becoming a key requirement in the IoT context and especially with the growth of IoT devices connecting to the internet every day. Security Patches are one of the important and crucial things nowadays but also the ability to deploy new features, to be able to develop iterative and agile, a software update mechanism will solve the problem. The software update process is relatively independent of particular application domains when seen from the back end (cloud) perspective. Updating the software for an entire car may differ from updating the firmware of a single sensor with regard to the connectivity of the device to the cloud and also to the complexity of the software package update process on the device. However, the process of rolling out the software, e.g. uploading an artifact to the repository, assigning it to eligible devices, managing the rollout campaign for a large number of devices, orchestrating content delivery networks to distribute the package, monitoring and reporting the progress of the roll-out and last but not least requirements regarding security and reliability are quite similar. The Eclipse hawkBit aims to solve these problems for you of rolling out software from a few devices or to a big fleet of devices and monitor the update process.

This talk is a general introduction to the software update process within the IoT context and especially about the hawkBit project and how you manage software updates at large scale with it.


Kai Zimmermann is working at Bosch since 2006 in the areas of cloud, IoT and all things Java. Currently, he is product owner for the Bosch IoT Rollouts cloud service and project lead of Eclipse hawkBit. Hacking software has been a hobby of his since he was 9 and he is still enjoying it. Kai Zimmermann holds a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Ulm. He has four awesome kids and a wonderful wife. In his free time, he loves to run and he is kind of a cooking enthusiast.

Michael Hirsch is with Bosch as software developer and architect in the Java, cloud and IoT areas since 2010. Currently, he is working on the Bosch IoT Rollouts cloud service as lead developer and architect and committer of the Eclipse hawkBit project. Developing and solving real-world problems is Michael's passion, especially in the IoT context. Michael Hirsch is holding a bachelor degree in computer science from the University of Albstadt-Sigmaringen.