30 – X-Browser-Testing with Protractor & Browserstack

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We are happy to have Leo Lindhorst from Dresden as our guest, depending on the visitors the talk will be held in German or English. Please bring also concrete questions for a discussion round.

With Protractor the Angular Ecosystem has an almost-standard for UI-Testing, but ensuring not only functionality in general, but also verifying that the app is cross-browser, cross-platform and cross-device compatible and responsive can be challenging. It's not only a financial and organizational effort to supply all the different devices and browser and integrate it into an existing organizations infrastructure, but also the scalability is limited and setting up the devices and connections is tied to some work. Browserstack provides a Cloud-Service for testing Web-Apps on a bunch of real devices with a rather easy to use integration into all Selenium based test execution frameworks, like Protractor. The talk gives a short introduction to Browserstack and shows, how it can be integrated into Protractor.