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Explain Like I'm Five

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Andy G. and Dominik S.


Hey @all,

we like to invite you to our monthly meetup at the trivago tower in Düsseldorf. In July, we want to play around with the format and try something new: Explain like I'm five.

Inspired by the Subreddit explain like I'm five ( we want to bring the complex world of Web Engineering closer to everyone by explaining terms, words, areas, or questions that you and everyone else understand this.

The rules

• Maximum five minutes per talk

• Explain it like you want: Presentation, drawing, dancing, beer bottles, apples, up to you

• Everyone needs to get it :)

The "explainers"

• Rust Ownership Model by Pascal Hertleif ( (in english)

• PHP Basics by Tim Glabisch ( (in english)

• Python List Comprehensions by Busra Koken ( (in english)

• CSS flexbox by Christoph Reinartz ( (in english)

• Graph theory 101 — putting theory into practice by Christian Lück ( (in english)

• Golang interfaces by Robert Tingirica ( (in english)

• Single Sign On (SSO) by Kai Kroker ( (in english)

• Web Accessibility by Fabian Huettenhoff ( (in english)

• Git Flow by Edwin Tuzar ( (in english)

• Open Slot


• 18:30 - 19:15: Arrival, get your first drink and pizza, socialising
• 19:15 - 19:50: Explain Session Part #1 + Q&A
• 19:50 - 20:00: Small break
• 20:00 - ~20:40: Explain Session Part #2 + Q&A
• ~20:40 - Open End: Socialising

This meetup is for free. W-Lan, beer and non alcoholic drinks are available (for free as well!) and we like to see you there :)

Kesselstr. 5-7 · Düsseldorf
22 spots left