Final Roadmap for WIT-Ruhr 2018


Hi all, The new year is coming soon and we would like to invite for the first WIT meetup in 2018 to finalize the roadmap for our meetups together, on January 16, 6-8pm, @Zalando Dortmund.

In general we decided on the following meetup plan:
Monthly meetups in two different formats
A) Knowledge exchange rounds in a lean coffee format with up to date topics
B) Workshops on a specific topic
A) and B) formats will alternate

What we would like to do in the first meetup in January:
Deciding on the final topics for B) and if possible align on speaker(s) and host:
We sorted the list of possible topics to twelve
We already have some speakers in place
We have some interesting hosts in the queue
Scheduling the remaining eleven meetups

Furthermore, you can look forward to the following in 2018:
Shaping of a common mentoring framework for the Ruhr area
WIT-Ruhr e.V. , our own legal entity
Events organised in collaboration with other networks/initiatives
Lots of great knowledge exchange
Awesome people as we are the core of our network

We are looking forward to a great 2018! Women in Tech Ruhr
- Foster a strong network to empower women, inspire tech culture
and re-imagine work-places -