How much am I worth?


How Much Am I Worth?

The sad reality is that women are underpaid even in an advanced economy like Germany's. How can we change the status quo? What are the tools that we have as women to counteract it? How can we be on the winning site in negotiations? How can improve my self-presentation? These are some questions that we will approach in the this meetup.

Our guests are Caroline Carlqvist and Valerie Wagner and here are some words about them:

Caroline Carlqvist
Caroline worked with eCommerce, project management and leadership for the past decade. She joined Zalando in 2015 and right now she is focusing of business development and program management. When she lived in Sweden she was active in the NGO Women's Shelter Movement and she has been a women's rights activist her whole adult life. She believes in the power knowledge and awareness as a way to change the world.

Valerie Wagner
Valerie is working as a Tech Recruiter in Dortmund at Zalando. For the past 6.5 years, she has worked in different jobs across various industries that were disproportionately male.

Looking forward to seeing you there!