Lead With Your Strengths

Women in Tech - Ruhr
Women in Tech - Ruhr
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Lead With Your Strengths by Meg Greenhouse.

In business, we recommend to improve our weaknesses. At times, you may even take a role in order to work on a perceived weakness. For success, balance your competencies to ensure your stronger skills and competencies are those your rely on most. Otherwise, if your weaker competencies or skills are the most prominent the desired outcome will be less than your normal standard of excellence.

About Meg Greenhouse

Meg is the VP of Corporate Technology for Zalando DE. In this role she leads the efforts to enable a Digital Workplace for Zalando. Meg is a dynamic, driven senior IT leader with 20+ years of progressive experience in working with large and mid-market Global Companies. She has deep expertise in sponsoring Global IT transformation initiatives, developing comprehensive strategies, leading innovation programs, improving effectiveness through organizational design and developing teams.