Meditation - It’s not rocket science!

Women in Tech - Ruhr
Women in Tech - Ruhr
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Everyone talks about mindfulness and meditation. But what is meditation and what happens during meditation? Is it a relaxation technique and will your mind go blank? The answer is no and no. The purpose of meditation is to calm your mind, to develop positive emotions, and ultimately to gain a better understanding of yourself and the world. Anyone can learn to meditate, and ten minutes a day will already make a big difference.

The workshop will give an introduction into what meditation is and will provide a brief overview of what effects it yields, based on scientific studies. You will learn about different meditations postures and you will try out different meditation techniques to get a taste of what it feels like.

Katha has ten years of experience in meditation, and the practice has become an important part of her everyday life. As a psychologist, she also studies the effects of meditation and how one can best learn it.