How to live with the Impostor Syndrome?

Women in Tech - Ruhr
Women in Tech - Ruhr
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What is an impostor?

They feel like a fraud. They are not thinking that they belong to the place in life they rightfully earned. They live a hidden life full of fear to be detected by their surrounding colleagues, friends or relatives, as if they gambled their way into their positions.

They are many. They can be anyone around you. They can be you.

We would like to take you on a journey and introduce you into this topic, also and especially if you never heard about it before. We also invite you to a discussion round about possible problems on your own journey, as well as a way to cope with those feelings. We are open to finding solutions, listening to your stories, sharing knowledge.

About the speaker: Petra Lehrmann

Petra studied Computer Science at University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund. She is an avid miniature painter, writer and musician, who wrote about the Impostor Syndrome for fellow painters and artists to open up about a condition that not only artists suffer from.

She would like to pass on the courage that it took her to step up and be more open to all attendees of the meetup, and invites you to a nice evening around sharing stories, trying and failing and trying again, finding solutions and how to live with Impostors.

She experienced a lot of support from the painting community (mostly male driven), and heard a lot of similar voices and stories along the way. As it is not a "women-only" problem at our work places, this Meetup is also open for male colleagues to attend to.