Code comments. Yay or nay?

Write the Docs Karlsruhe
Write the Docs Karlsruhe
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Hello People!

We will have a "real talk" at this meetup!

Nicolai Parlog had some kind of breakdown when working on some code and that discharged into his blog post "Comment your fu$%&ing code!" (link below, reader discretion is advised ;-) ).
This post started several discussions on clean code mantras vs benefits of comments and Nicolai took a deeper dive.

And the best part is that he is willing to share his experience with us! Here is the abstract:

# Comment That Damn Code!

Unlike others I don't believe that all comments are failures, that code can be so clean that it doesn't need any comments. In this talk I'll dispute some common arguments against commenting code:

* Comments lie?
* Tests are better?
* Good names suffice?

We'll find fault with all of them (and more)!

With that out of the way we'll categorize comments and analyze their costs and benefits. This will give us the means to discuss the end:
Which comments can improve a code base?