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We want to welcome Zope 4 and his friends in Python 3 wonderland:

* Bring in your Zope 2 based application and we look together how to port it to Zope 4 or even Python 3. That’s why we call the sprint “Zope 4 Welcome sprint”.
* You can also help by posting issues (https://github.com/zopefoundation/Zope/issues) or even pull requests (https://github.com/zopefoundation/Zope/pulls) about your migration attempts.
* work on an improved version of the ZMI (https://github.com/zopefoundation/Zope/pull/249)
* fix some bugs (https://github.com/zopefoundation/Zope/milestone/4)

More information on our blog: https://blog.gocept.com/2018/04/03/a-heartily-welcome-for-zope-in-the-python-3-wonderland/