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As this sprint is remote-only, we'll add details about collaboration during the sprint later on either here or in our blog.

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TL;DR: This sprint will be remote-only, for details see below.

Earl Zope has settled down for a good while in Python 3 wonderland. He made friends with the inhabitants and other immigrants. He enjoys his new live.

The sunset of his original homelands took place as predicted by the beginning of January 2020. As Earl Zope was well prepared this was no longer a frightening date for him.

But even living in Python 3 wonderland is not only joy and relaxing. The Python 3 wonderland changes in a more rapid speed than the Python 2 land ever had before: Each year a new policy has to be fulfilled (aka new Python version release). Additionally it is time to drop the last connections to the old Python 2 land to ease the transformation in Python 3 wonderland to make developers and consumers happy.

Earl Zope is grateful for all the help he already gained: There where several Zope 4 releases and a first Zope 5 alpha version was just released. Even though Earl Zope still needs your help to:

*prepare dependencies to ease transition to new Python versions (aka make repositories more uniform to ease updating to new Python versions.)
* drop Python 2 support in repositories of dependencies
* support and test with newer Python 3 versions (aka current 3.9 alpha)
* improve and update the documentation

Feel free to join, you are welcome!

Attention: This sprint will be remote-only! You are neither required nor advised to join physically. Please stay in your comfortable working environment and join us remote. This will probably be better for your health and the environment. We'll add details about collaboration during the sprint later on either here or in our blog.

See also the blog post of this sprint https://blog.gocept.com/2020/02/28/zope-may-sprint/