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Bundling and Testing React Apps

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Impact Hub Garage Zürich

Geroldstrasse 33 · Zürich

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Gleich neben dem Bahnhof Hardbrücke, beim Restaurant Rosso

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This talk covers two important aspects of developing modern web applications: Modularization and testing.

Splitting your source code into separate modules and importing them into the current namespace is the standard way of coding for the backend. Until recently this has not been possible in the frontend because of the time it would have taken to synchronously load all required assets.

Tools like Webpack and JSPM allow exactly that and much more. This talk is going to give you an overview over the two and show why you should stop putting everything into the global namespace.

Unit testing helps improving the quality of your code and greatly simplifies dealing with complex code. The testing framework of choice for React.js is Jest.

The second part of the presentation shows how to unit test your now modular codebase with Jest and write better code.