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Robocars Race 2019

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Shreyas G. und Alexander G.
Robocars Race 2019


This day is coming. Autonomous Mobility Berlin presents… The Race 2019! Teams will meet at the track to fight their models and show how precise, fast and furious they can be. Rules are simple: you have 3 minutes to complete 2 laps or more in autonomous driving mode with no interruption, the fastest lap gets scored. Car can leave the track if it can find a way back without any help and it shouldn’t be a shortcut. However, in this case time of the lap when car left the track is not counted.

If you want to register you team, please feel out this form: https://forms.gle/bgDjAvjCiu7H8faq8

If you want to join any existent team, please come to Robocars Training Day and get in touch with people.

Teams registration is open till the last day, however all important updates for teams, like dates when you can come to work on the track outside of regular meetups will be fired only to those who provided an email.

Doors are open at 18:30, race starts at 19:00 (doors for teams will be opened earlier)

It is a community driven event, so if you have any feedback, suggestions or wanna help out, let us know.

P.S: we are gonna have some prizes for you:)

· Berlin, BE
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