Let’s talk about design and accessibility.

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Let’s talk about design and accessibility.

Why? Because they go hand in hand and most importantly because they are important. As developers we tend to focus on coding and getting XYZ projects done. But that isn’t enough. We need to work well with the design team to be able to have the best result possible, we also need to make sure our project can be accessed by everyone. We have Gift and Elisabeth in this episode who will share their knowledge with us on these topics and help us become better developers!


For this event, we've got 2 talks lined up:

Talk 1: A11y For Everyone: Building Inclusive and Accessible Web Applications - Gift Egwuenu
Accessibility is a term known to most people, but not everyone is keen to follow its principles. The web today is used by everyone including those with disabilities and with the way we build our applications or websites it segregates people with disabilities. In this talk, I'll be engaging with the audience on how we can improve web accessibility and ways in which we can start taking this action to enable everyone to feel welcome on the web regardless of their abilities. We'll take and look at a site that does not follow accessibility principles and we'll walk through how to fix these violations with accessibility in mind.

Talk 2: Designers || Developers - Finally Bridging the Gap - Elisabeth Engel
When designers and developers communicate with each other, it often feels as if they are speaking two different languages not understanding each other’s needs and proceedings. Even though those kinds of problems aren't new, they become even more crucial for companies trying to ensure a consistent user experience over multiple independent applications. So how to bridge this gap?

The secret union joint to do so is finding your single source of truth: a commonly shared design system showcased by a living style guide. In this session you will learn how to enable every team member to communicate with ease about design changes and their code implications and finally bridge the gap between designers and developers in your company and team.


This event will take place on Tuesday the 16th of July, at 16:00 CEST (Central European Time).

16:00 - Welcome!
16:05 - A11y For Everyone: Building Inclusive and Accessible Web Applications - Gift Egwuenu
16:35 - Q&A with Gift Egwuenu
16:40 - Designers || Developers - Finally Bridging the Gap - Elisabeth Engel
17:10 - Q&A with Elisabeth Engel
17:15 - Goodbye!


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We also heard you feedback and will be hosting this event on both Twitch and YouTube live.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10C9RHZqe7A