Backend Web Berlin - NoSQL and Distributed databases


Christmas is almost there, but we want to meet once again before everyone go to celebrate ;)

The topic of our December meetup is NoSQL and Distributed databases.

Using NoSQL databases becomes the first choice for almost any project nowadays. A lot of data raises new challenges where different types of NoSQL databases and distribution models can outperform traditional databases: key-value, document-oriented, column-family and, finally, graphs databases - we would like to talk about all of them!


1. Distributing Treasure with Crate by Claus Matzinger,

Crate is a distributed SQL data store that aims to take care of the modern day's treasure: Data. In this introduction, there will be a tour of what Crate can do, about different use cases, and how you can distribute your data in Crate.

2. NoSQL as Not Only SQL by Stefanie Janine Stölting.

PostgreSQL introduced the JSONB, a binary JSON datatype, in version 9.4. In the coming version 9.5 will be new features on JSONB available. The talk will give an overview of the PostgreSQL JSON features.