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Behavior & Emotion Design 

This interdisciplinary group is for people who are interested in leveraging current behavioral science research for practical applications such as apps and software, technology, and other systems. The group was started as a place for learning, exchange and presentations about experiences, theories and apps that create habit formation and target behavior and emotion change, discussion about those and an exchange about own practices and experiences. People working in tech, design, behavior or social science on theoretical and practical level as well as everybody interested in the topic is most welcomed to join.

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Key Words

Behavior Change - Cognitive Science - Data-Driven UX - Decision making - Emotional triggers - Evolutionary Psychology - Frameworks for Research - Framing - Future Tech - Health Behavior - Influence & Interactive Design - Leadership - Marketing - Measuring/Analytics - Persuasive Copywriting - Persuasive Design - Self-Development - Social Impact - Social Proof - etc...

Leading Questions
– What is common practice in creating software and smartphone apps that hook and un-hook?
– Has anyone applied academic theory in their product development process and was it useful?
– What are the ethical concern/responsibilities in encouraging sticky products?
– Designing apps that train the user to no longer need the product: good idea or commercial suicide?
– Joe: How can we design screens and other interfaces so as to let the user pursue what they really want in the moment, rather than piping them through some funnel we designed for them?
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- tf

Previous Event Documentation

We will always try to mix speakers from startups, academics, established companies and agencies around the topics of habit formation, decision support, peer support and supporting balanced use of digital tools. You want to present? Get in touch - https://www.meetup.com/Behavior-Emotion-Des...!

- Alexander Steinhart