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Berlin chapter of Amazon Web Services User Group.

Speakers can apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/vxcgyDB7I0FC9nK02

Hosts can apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/In3Atsn7NPb7zsKr1

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Berlin AWS User Group Virtual Meetup


Agenda: 18:45 - Warming up chat/networking 19:00 - "Blending Okta and AWS federated users into Kubernetes access control - automated, flexible and auditable" Local speakers: Daniel Hahn & Daniel Ciaglia (Tier Mobility GmbH) Speaker bio: "Daniel and Daniel have DevOps and AWS Architecting backgrounds. Part of the Ring-0 team they are laying the groundworks for TIER's software stack in AWS cloud. -------- #changemobilityforgood utilising the best infrastructure landscape and tooling #aws #kubernetes #hashicorp" Abstraction: TBA Level 300 19:45 - Reserved for International Speaker

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Berlin AWS UG virtual meetup


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