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We are a community that ...

• embraces blockchain-technologies

• loves to learn about technical aspects of blockchains

• provides the opportunity to discuss ideas

• connects blockchain-enthusiasts.

Everyone who is interested in Blockchain Technology is welcome: explanations, uses cases, the future, related technologies.

Please use our forums here to discuss the Technology - BUT no commercial advertisement! Thanks.

We strongly focus on technical aspects and NOT buzzword presentations.

Slides of the meetups are available at https://github.com/blockchainersAT/meetups .

Contact: root@blockchainers.at

blockchainers.at (http://www.blockchainers.at) / blockchainers.info (http://www.blockchainers.info)

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Decentralized sports betting exchange


In our 5th meetup we present a platform for sports betting based on the Ethereum blockchain and demonstrate how blockchain can create fairness & transparency for everyone involved. The founders of aggle.io will talk about their learnings, pitfalls and fun facts they’ve experienced while building their betting provider.


10 min: Introduction + Blockchain News by organizers Erhard

45 min: Main Topic(s):

- Introduction: A real use-case for Blockchain, a.k.a The current problems of gaming industry

- High level architecture - 10 min - by Miroslav Byrtus

- Platform demo, interactive session (Prerequisites: Metamask and Ropsten ETH) - 15 min - by Benjamin Albrechts

- Low level tips and tricks - Save gas, save memory - 10 min - by Miroslav Byrtus

- Token economy strategies: How to create decentralized stock - 10 min - by Benjamin Albrechts

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