Data Science Meetup #11

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Paradigm Shifts in Data Science
Dr. Peter Jung, Head of Analytics, KI analytics

The Job of data scientists changes a lot nowadays. Technological innovations in the field of machine learning require us to rethink our work and our role. Paradigms that used to work well a decade ago have to be revised, and we have to keep up-to-date with the ever changing toolset. This talk gives a biased view on what is happening and where our field is heading to.

Showcase: Score keeping and skill analytics (SATraS)
Stephan Porz, Data Scientist, eyeo GmbH

This talk showcases a homemade piece of software built by glueing together a few libraries in python. It includes data gathering and parsing (Wisent), algorithms to extract valuable information (trueskill, Pandas) as well as some visualization (Dash). It's designed to keep track of scores in any multiplayer game and shows the skills and development of players. It also has the option to quantify influencing factors.