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We are software developers who seek to practice, discuss and gradually master the ins and outs of domain-driven design. We want to share our experience and knowledge about modelling complex systems. We aim to meet in rather small groups to practically work on small software design related topics. Classical meetup talks and speakers may occasionally "happen to us" but OUR own learning and thoughts are our real deal. :-)

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Documenting your architecture: An introduction to arc42

Hello everyone, for our November meetup, which will again be a joint event together with Microservices, Reactive, and Distributed Systems Vienna (https://www.meetup.com/reactive-vienna), we're having Savvas Kleanthous to give us an introduction to arc42, a way of documenting a system's architecture. Talk and discussion will be in English. This is his description of the talk: -- While arc42 is a template for documenting the architecture of a system, it's an interesting one. What makes it interesting is that this template was structured in such a way that it guides the architect to: * Focus on what is required * Author the architectural documentation in a way that facilitates communication * Help assure all interesting aspects are covered During this talk, I will be presenting arc42, what it is, and how to author architectural documentation based on it. We'll start with a brief introduction of arc42 and why it may be of interest to you, before going into a more detailed explanation of each of the 12 sections that arc42 contains. In each section, I'll present guidelines regarding it, and how to best use it. Finally, I'll explain the relationship between arc42 and the C4 model, and how the two can work together. After the overview, I'll be going over my experience with arc42, compare it with a couple of different approaches, and give my opinion of arc42, and its use in different kinds of environments. By the end of the talk you should: * Have an understanding of what arc42 is and what it is good for * Know what information belongs in each section * Have a basic understanding of how to fill in arc42 * Be aware of a couple of pitfalls -- We're hosting this meetup on Zoom and will additionally stream it live on YouTube for everyone who prefers that experience. We'll open at 17:50 and start the talk at 18:00. As always - thank you, jumio, trigo, and willhaben for sponsoring DDD Vienna on an ongoing basis! https://www.jumio.com/careers/ https://www.trigo.at/we-are-hiring https://jobsbei.willhaben.at We're looking forward to having Savvas and to an interesting talk! See you on November 30, Fabian, Hans, and Martin YouTube link: https://youtu.be/qnq8TLoB5Qo Note that this meetup will be recorded!

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