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We are software developers who seek to practice, discuss and gradually master the ins and outs of domain-driven design. We want to share our experience and knowledge about modelling complex systems. We aim to meet in rather small groups to practically work on small software design related topics. Classical meetup talks and speakers may occasionally "happen to us" but OUR own learning and thoughts are our real deal. :-)

Thank you Jumio, trigo, and willhaben for sponsoring all event costs!

(https://www.s-itsolutions.at/de/karriere/wir-suchen/offene-stellen) https://www.jumio.com/careers/

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Wardley Mapping with Zsófia Herendi

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Type-Driven Domain Design – Security in the Fabric of Your Code

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DDD/MRDS & Weinbau

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Der Modulith mit Carola Lilienthal (German)

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