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We are software developers who seek to practice, discuss and gradually master the ins and outs of domain-driven design. We want to share our experience and knowledge about modelling complex systems. We aim to meet in rather small groups to practically work on small software design related topics. Classical meetup talks and speakers may occasionally "happen to us" but OUR own learning and thoughts are our real deal. :-)

Thank you Jumio, trigo, and willhaben for sponsoring all event costs!

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Breaking the monolith @ willhaben: Our journey so far (with MRDS Vienna)

willhaben internet service GmbH & Co KG

Hi all,

Join us for an exciting meetup where we delve into the journey of willhaben. Michael Osl will present an update of what has happened in the years since 2019, when he gave his previous talk at the Microservices, Reactive, and Distributed Systems Vienna meetup, titled willhaben's Inverse Conway Maneuver.

This event is held together with our sister meetup. Please register there: https://www.meetup.com/reactive-vienna/events/293785744/.

Michael will unveil lessons learned from breaking a monolith. Don't miss the exceptional opportunity to gain firsthand insights from Michael himself.

Among all participants we will raffle a ticket for SoCraTes Austria happening in September in Linz.


  • 17:00 Opening doors, arrival & reception
  • 17:30 Breaking the monolith by Michael + Q&A
  • Raffle of ticket for SoCraTes
  • Afterwards get together, food/drinks (sponsored by willhaben) & networking
  • 21:30 Closing doors

About the talk
"When I did my last talk for this meetup in September 2019, willhaben was at the beginning of its journey to break its monolithic application. We started with an inverse conway maneuver, where we reorganized our team structure into cross-functional teams according to a domain model. At the end of the talk back then, I promised that I would do a follow-up talk at a later point to present how this journey continues.

Almost four years later (sorry for that), it’s time to share some insights how this journey of breaking apart a big monolithic application went for us so far and the lessons we learned - sometimes the easy, sometimes the hard way.

The talk will be split into two parts:

  • In the first part I will shortly recap willhaben’s team setup and how we continued to continuously restructure our organization along domain boundaries.
  • The second part will focus more on the technical aspects of actually breaking apart the application and the lessons we learned. I won’t go too deep into technical details but focus more on the big picture.

The talk will be a “real life” account of a breaking-the-monolith project for one of the largest Austrian web sites."

Michael has been working as a Software Architect for Austria's largest online classifieds marketplace since 2018. There, he leads a small team focussed on architecture and engineering productivity. Overall, Michael has almost 20 years of experience in IT with web-based systems of different shapes and sizes.

Thank you, willhaben, for hosting the event!

We are looking forward to meeting you! Don't forget to RSVP!
Michael, Gottfried, and Fabian

----------------------- Sponsor -----------------------
🙏 willhaben is the largest digital marketplace and one of the biggest websites in Austria with more than 4.2 million users per month* and more than 10 million ads in real estate, cars, jobs and marketplace (*OEWA 2021-IV, mittlerer Monat). Our successful concept is based on strong regional content and a modern, clear page structure with a detailed categorization of the ads. The easy usage, the fast search results and the exclusive focus on the online advertising business ensure a clear profile of the offer and a high user acceptance.

Teamspirit is one of the key corporate values at willhaben. We are true team players with a wide variety of talent, and we support each other to achieve the best results for our customers. Our open office space, including a large kitchen and sunny terrace ensures a very familiar working atmosphere. There are regular joint activities such as team buildings, after work gatherings and other company events and as an employer, we are delighted about top positions as a „Great Place to Work " for the past 13 years.


----------------------- About SoCraTes -----------------------
SoCraTes Austria is a two-day, open-space conference about software crafting, testing, and all things related to creating great software and having fun while doing so. Join 100 other software crafters at the Wissensturm in Linz to learn, discuss and share your knowledge.

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