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Hack with the Fantasic Four (Ali Cloud, AWS, Azure, Google)
Motivated by your positive feedback regarding the "CI/CD Tools Hackathon" we want to re-use the format of a one-day Hackathon for assessing the big 4 cloud providers: * Microsoft Azure * Amazon AWS * Google Cloud Platform * Alibaba Cloud The idea is to implement several use cases on each of the platforms and compare the approaches and solutions. 10:00 Come together, coffee 10:30 Introduction The Orga Team and the Host introduces Showing the timeline Organisation stuff like toilets smoking and infra, defining orders for food (maybe) 11:00 Team-Building One use case should be implemented per team. For this case the team should make use of multiple providers. Each team should agree upon one person to document their result. Examples Case: Serverless, Networking, Image recognition (pre-trained), TTS and STT (pre-trained), Containers, Deploying a WebApp, Infrastructure as Code. 11:45 Start working 12:30 Lunch gets delivered 17:00 Presentations and conclusion about the preferred solution

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