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Building Microservices with Lagom

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How many of the challenges of microservices are caused by the fact that the tools we use were designed without microservices in mind? What if we would design a framework, made to build systems composed of microservices from the start? One that has a notion of looking up and using other services built in? That defaults to distributed storage? That has support for dealing with failure on different levels? That lets you get started quickly with a guided, minimalistic approach on your own machine, without pre-installing anything or reading a hundred pages of documentation?

Lightbend ( designed Lagom (, made for microservices from the start. Making it easier for developers to build microservices-based systems that communicate asynchronously, self-heal, scale elastically and remain responsive no matter what bad stuff is happening.

Speaker Bio:

Lutz Huehnken ( is a Solutions Architect at Lightbend ( He's been working in professional software development since 1997, and have successfully deployed major web applications for clients in different fields (retail, logistics, hospitality, finance). His current focus in on the development of reactive applications – responsive, scalable, resilient systems – with Scala (, Akka ( and Play ( Occasionally he speaks about this at conferences.