Shapes #10 — October 2019 Hamburg Product Design Event

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Shapes #10, the 10th anniversary edition of our series of design events is happening on 10/10 (see what we did there?). This time, we will host the event at Wunder Mobility, which offered to support us in celebrating this special date with the community.

• 19:00 - Doors open, food + drinks (vegan options available)
• 19:15 - Presentations begin
• 21:00 - Socializing, networking, food + drinks
• Open End


How we discuss design with critique at XING
🎙️ Jan Kiekeben — Senior Product Designer at Xing — Hamburg

Designers and product managers like to discuss products, design, user experience and everything else that goes with them. However, when we get feedback about our own work, we are quickly emotionally attacked. When we talk to non-designers about design, we often get lost in ineffective, lengthy discussions - and when we talk about failures or problems, it often ends with mutual accusations. In my presentation, I would like to talk about the methodology of "design critique" and the goal-oriented discussion in the entire design process: How can we avoid the situations mentioned above? Why do we need Design Critique for this? When is feedback necessary and helpful - and how do you establish an effective design discussion culture in teams and companies?

Jan currently works as a Senior Product Designer at XING, trying to connect people in their professional business lives.

CANCELLED: Fireside chat with Taryn Niesena
🎙️ Taryn Niesena — Senior Designer at Shopify — Berlin

Unfortunately, Taryn is sick and won't be able to make the trip to Hamburg.

Designing augmented/mixed/virtual reality experiences
🎙️ Michael Jonas — Professor at Brand Academy — Hamburg

UX-principles and patterns for augmented, mixed and virtual reality just started emerging in the last year. But there’s still a lot to be explored regarding functionality, joy of use and the overall user experience in immersive and spacial Interfaces. On the basis of commercial products, art projects and ongoing media research, I’d like to discuss how AR/VR/MR projects can be shaped into remarkable experiences for users.

Since 2008, Michael has been living in Hamburg, where he assumed the role of creative director at Jung von Matt, won various international awards for creativity, curated the German version of the international event series “This happened…” and, as of late, became a sleepy father of a 100% digital native girl.

Designing for the MaaSes - Building a scalable and adaptive design platform for mobility
🎙️ Christopher Pohl, Product Design Lead at Wunder Mobility — Hamburg
🎙️ Mirjam Banzhaf, Product Designer at Wunder Mobility — Hamburg
🎙️ Karol Klabisch, Product Design Lead — Dortmund

This event will be catered with delicious Mexican sopes prepared in front of you throughout the evening. There will be meat, vegetarian and vegan options.

There will be time for networking and socializing afterward, but please note that this is an event for designers and design leaders, not a recruiting event. As space is limited, we expect the event to fill out pretty quickly. Please RSVP only if you are really planning to come!

📸Notice of filming & photography
The event is being photographed and recorded. By participating the event you consent to having your image and/or voice appear on our social media channels and this website.

See you there!
Leander, Alex, Malte and Antoine