Shapes #11 — February 2020 Hamburg Product Design Event


Happy new year!

Shapes #11 is around the corner. The event will be hosted at Wunder Mobility's fabulous office space in the heart of Hafencity and will take place on Wednesday, February 26th.

• 18:00 - Doors open, food + drinks (vegan options available)
• 18:15 - Presentations begin
• 20:00 - Socializing, networking, food + drinks
• Open End


Collaborative iteration in design tools
🎙️ Nikolas Klein — Product Designer at Figma, San Francisco/Remote

Figma pioneered and fully enabled real-time collaborative iteration, which quickly became the status quo of working for many teams. Nikolas will talk about what we can learn from this rise of collaboration and how it influenced his thinking about what role prototyping has to play.

Nikolas Klein is an interaction designer who, through building Sketch plugins, got deeply hooked into thinking about design tools. He joined Figma in March 2018 and has been mainly focused on all things prototyping since then.


Introducing blokdots — A No-Code Design Tool for Quick Hardware Prototyping
🎙️ Christoph Labacher — Interaction designer at Atelier Disko, Hamburg

blokdots ( is a tool that enables everyone to build interactive hardware prototypes without writing a line of code. If you are dreading electronics, soldering, and programming microcontrollers blokdots is for you: In this talk, we present how we are making hardware prototyping quicker, easier and more fun for everybody. We will also share the story of how we took a bachelor project and are turning it into an actual product – as a side-project! Lastly, we share our vision for how hardware and software prototyping will interact and how we are bridging the gap between design tool and real world.

Christoph Labacher is an Interaction Designer based in Hamburg who is interested in making complexity manageable through abstraction. He likes to think (and talk) about the expression and development of thoughts and ideas through prototyping, modeling and digital systems of notation.

Transitioning from UI/UX to Product Design
🎙️ Carlos Han — Product designer at Nect, Hamburg

Design is simply not always about end-users. Design is about the entire process to make things pleasant to see, easy to use and profitable to sell. Designers can sit and argue days and weeks about which Human-Centred approach to take, but if there is no market or future for the product, there is no design at all. That’s why it’s essential to understand a product—Where does it come from? What is its unique disruptive value? What is the target group? Where and how does the user journey begin or end? Who are the competitors? If we designers only care about visuals and experiences, we are missing out on business strategies and creative thinkings that truly shape a product for the better.
In this talk, I will talk about my personal experience in transitioning from a UI/UX Designer to a Product Designer, as well as what I’ve succeeded and more importantly, failed to do in order to get there.

Carlos Han is originally from Tokyo, Japan. He moved to Hamburg in July to fulfill his dream of becoming a designer. If he's not doing anything creative, he likes to write about his design process and discuss it with others. He also likes to study and analyze films, Denis Villeneuve and David Lynch being his favorite directors of all-time.

There will be time for networking and socializing afterward, but please note that this is an event for designers and design leaders, not a recruiting event. As space is limited, we expect the event to fill out pretty quickly. Please RSVP only if you are really planning to come!

📸Notice of filming & photography
The event is being photographed and recorded. By participating in the event you consent to have your image and/or voice appear on our social media channels and this website.

See you there!
Leander, Alex, Malte, and Antoine