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We are the Munich local group of Software Craft Community. We facilitate the exchange about Software Craft and all the related topics like Test Driven Development, Clean Code. It is a place for anyone who develops software with passion and wants to meet, share insights, exchange experiences and learn together.

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Learning how to learn in a mob


Mob programming, mob testing, or generally mobbing is a wonderful approach to uncover implicit knowledge and learn from each other. It’s “all the brilliant people, working on the same thing, at the same time, in the same space, and at the same computer“. But what if you introduce a new technology no one in the mob had worked with before? What if you suddenly need knowledge in the team that nobody has? Does mobbing still prove to be an efficient way of learning in that case? Join this experiment and learn something nobody in the mob has done before. Let’s see how far we get in mastering a new skill together! Key takeaways: - Learn the basics of the mob approach and practice them hands-on - Experience the benefits of uncovering and sharing implicit knowledge to help everyone learn - See how having all brains in helps to solve unknown challenges and to get the best out of everybody This session is addressed to software craft people who want to organize mob programming at work. It is lead by Lisi Hocke who extensively practiced mob programming with her team and can share with us her experiences and insights.

Comparative TDD Master Classes Session #3

iteratec GmbH

Uncle Bob's videos are the classics of the genre. They explain the craft, methods and reasons with absolute clarity. During the whole year we are watching him and Sandro Mancuso developing a twitter like app using concurrent design approaches. We meet on March the 17th to see episode 3 (https://cleancoders.com/video-details/comparativeDesign-episode-3). Watch Sandro coaching Uncle Bob trying outside-in TDD. Looking forward to the after video discussions! This time the meetup is hosted and sponsored by Iteratec GmbH (https://www.iteratec.com)

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Comparative TDD Master Classes Session #2

Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH

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