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Technical, legal and socio-economic aspects of the blockchain ecosystem

Join if you're interested in blockchains, cryptoeconomics, cryptocurrencies, dapps, smart contracts, DAOs, ICOs, liquid feedback and such. We address technical, security, economic, legal and ethical aspects of the blockchain ecosystem. We meet-up every 8 weeks fearuring two speakers presenting their perspectives on a specific topic.

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Privacy By Design?


In 1995 Ann Cavoukian published the "Privacy by Design" framework for systems engineering which set off something of a thought revolution among governments organizations and technologists. Cavoukian laid out the basic principles of "Privacy by Design" which have since been integrated into the core of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In this meetup we will explore if - or when - Blockchain comes with privacy by design and default. This time the focus is more on the technical aspects as opposed to the legal ones. We'll be exploring exciting questions about what does/does not belong on public ledgers as well as private computation. Confirmed speakers: Andy Tobin - Evernym: Managing Director, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia - Andy is Evernym’s managing director in Europe. He has 30 years of experience delivering innovative technology solutions to complex business problems. His career has spanned the three rapidly converging sectors of identity, mobile and payments. He has written code to control cash machines, built the world’s first mCommerce server, run a GBP 1.2 billion mobile messaging network and been CTO for Europe’s first fully mobile bank. He is a passionate technology strategist who dropped everything to join Evernym (https://www.evernym.com). -Topic: Andy will address applied Privacy by Design and Default as implemented by the Sovrin Network and Evernym as part of their self-sovereign identity ecosystem. Dr. Elad Verbin -Lunar Ventures (BIV): Lead Scientist & Founding Partner - Dr. Elad Verbin is a Berlin-based Computer Scientist specializing in blockchain technologies, algorithm engineering, and predictive modeling. In blockchain space, he works on blockchain filesystems, governance, and macro-cryptoeconomics. He is founding partner at Lunar Ventures (AKA Berlin Innovation Ventures http://berlininnovation.vc/), a VC fund run solely by R&D experts, investing at the earliest stages in algorithm-based startups all over Europe. At Lunar, Elad is working to revitalize the original purpose of risk capital – to grow cutting-edge algorithmic innovation into defensible tech-based unicorns. -Topic: Elad will address the rapidly-accelerating field of Private Computation. This technology allows multiple actors to compute something together while keeping their data private. This is based on groundbreaking cryptographic work from the 90s, including Zero Knowledge Proofs, Secure Multiparty Computation and Fully Homomorphic encryption which, after many years of R&D work in academia and industry, is finally coming to the field: in ZCash, Enigma, and many more.

The State of Security Token Offerings STO

In this meetup, we discuss Security Token Offerings as an alternative to Initial Coin Offerings that relate to utility tokens.

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Blockchain As A Social Technology

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