Node.js Meetup Mannheim October – Angular 2 Special

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node.js Mannheim
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Johannes Hoppe will give a Angular 2 Mini-Workshop

# Angular 2 Mini-Workshop

Let’s code Angular!

Angular 2 is finally out. The most successful single-page framework got a complete rewrite. Everything is new, the programming language, the patterns and principles and all the tooling. The new Angular is not a framework anymore, it’s a platform. This might be a bit overwhelming, but you will love it!

Johannes will give you a short introduction to Angular. After that we will jump directly into coding. We will create simple application and we will learn the basic concepts of @angular/core. Of course, we can deep-dive into interesting topics, but the plan is to get everybody on board. There will be no special knowledge to AngularJS or web development required. Just make sure, that your laptop is prepared. If you don’t want to code, this will be fine, too. There will be some beer and enough time for discussions. Cheers,
Johannes from [](

## Required Software

1. Node.js **6.5** or higher -
2. Visual Studio Code **1.5** or higher -
3. Google Chrome -
4. Git -

## Install packages in advance, please!

Node-gyp is involved, so windows user will want to install the `windows-build-tools` first:

npm install -g windows-build-tools

Everybody should install the [angular-cli]( right in advance:

npm install -g angular-cli@1.0.0-beta.18

... and please double-check the versions:

node -v
> Expected: v6.x.x

npm -v
> Expected: 3.x

ng -v
> Expected: 1.0.0-beta.18


## Create an empty project

Please create an empty angular-cli project in advance, too.
Change to your working directory and execute:

ng new book-rating
cd book-rating
npm start

Important! Depending on your internet connection this will take some serious amount time.
Get a fresh coffe and be patient while starring at the following text: `Installing packages for tooling via npm.` :-)
Finally navigate to http://localhost:4200 and verify that you see the text "app works!"
Everything is working? Excellent!

__See you at Thursday!__