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ANSE- Event: online-constellations in Coaching & Supervision

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ANSE- Event: online-constellations in Coaching & Supervision


This event for ANSE-Members ONLY!

In this three hour meetUp we will address questions like:
How does online-constellation work?
What is needed to make this fruitful for Client and Consultant alike?

We show you how the online-Constellation-Board works, you can practice on your own board and experience constellations in break out rooms.

An extended Q&A section makes sure, you are instantly set for your own daily work.

Prior to the event: Please register for your own account on www.online-constellation-board.com so you can benefit the most out of this session. Registration is free and will provide you with complementary 9 hours use of the full version of online-Constellation-Board.

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