PHPUG Münster Meetup 05/2019 - Serverless Symfony on AWS Lambda

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An jedem 3. Dienstag des Monats bis zum 19. August 2019

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⏱ Agenda
18:30 - Doors Open, get a drink and socialize
19:00 - Welcome and Intro by the Orga-Team
19:15 - Lightning-Talk: "Traefik - Eine Einführung in den Cloud Native Edge Router"
19:45 - Main-Talk: "Serverless Symfony on AWS Lambda"
20:30 - Open End: Community & Socializing

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🗣️ Talk: Traefik - Eine Einführung in den Cloud Native Edge Router"
Speaker - Izzetin Kaymaz

🗣️ Talk: Serverless Symfony on AWS Lambda (EN)
Speaker - Sven Finke (

PHP and FaaS (Functions as a Service) are not that different. But the serverless part is missing right now. I will explain some basic ideas of FaaS and we'll have a look at the history of PHP to see how PHP basically did FaaS over a decade ago.

Today it is not that easy to run PHP in an serverless environment, but that might have changed with AWS Lambda Layers. This feature allows us to create custom runtimes that can execute our PHP Code. Running a monolythic symfony application is just the next step and can be achieved rather easily.
I'll show you how, what changes have to be made and how you could run your application in Lambda.

At the end we need to look at the pro's and con's to see where this could be useful, and why this is not suitable for every project.