• OUTDOORS: ProductTank Hamburg February 2023

    Planetarium Hamburg

    Let's start into 2023 with a very special, very unique, very Nordic event:
    Let’s go boßeln! ❄️🎳☃️

    What’s boßeln?
    Wondering what the heck boßeln is? It's the best of both worlds: Bowling and hiking. And it's a lot of fun - not just because of the drinks served during the game. Don't worry about the rules, we will introduce you to the game on the spot. Just make sure you're there on time, because we'll be taking a hike together. And please wear appropriate clothes (warm, rainproof, comfortable).

    Sign-Up only if you show up please!
    Please only register for this event if you are actually going to be there. If you cannot come to the event, please sign out again so that someone else can take one of the limited seats.

    What else to know?
    We will meet at 2 pm at the Planetarium im Stadtpark, directly at the water basin. We will take a walk of about 2 hours. Hot and cold drinks will be provided. Please make sure to wear appropriate clothing (warm, rainproof, comfortable) - we will meet in almost any weather.