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Über uns

Rust is a systems programming language that runs blazingly fast, prevents memory corruption bugs, and guarantees thread safety.
We want to bring people together who are enthusiastic about this fast growing language or just curious and interested in learning about it. We strive to collaborate, share our knowledge, and motivate others to learn the language and contribute to the ecosystem.

We organize a meetup for every last Thursday of the month and are always looking for people interested in holding a talk. If you are, let us know via this form: https://rustmeetupvienna.typeform.com/to/KrCbh1

Also feel encouraged to share even small pieces of information. If you got something, approach us directly at the event or beforehand and we try to let you give a lightning talk, show a small piece of code and get some feedback on it, etc.

Code of Conduct
We orient ourselves according to the official rust community standard:
which can be roughly summarized into the following points:
- We want an in every way diverse community
- We prefer cooperation over competition
- We want us to be nice to each other
- Even if we don't like each other, we want us to be at least courteous with each other