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SinnerSchrader Hamburg
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We want to spend some time together to chill, share good food, see great talks and in general enjoy each others company.

SinnerSchrader would therefore like to invite you to our Code is Colorful event taking place on the 7th of February in Hamburg.

Doors open at 6:15pm.
There will be food, water, soft drinks, Mate, wine and beer.

- Talks -

🎤 Martin Sonnenholzer @chaos_monster - - D̶u̶n̶n̶o̶ - Deno what it is
In 2018 Ryan Dahl announced Deno. Deno is based on TypeScript and V8, it takes advantages of both techs and the 10 years learnings from Node.js. I took my time to deep dive into it. In this talk I will share my learnings. What is it. What it can do. How it works and can I use it in production?

Martin is Principal Product Engineer at SinnerSchrader, who has been working with JavaScript since Angularjs version 1.0.7. During his studies of mathematics and computer science he had the opportunity to teach, where his need to make the world more understandable arose. In his spare time he organizes the Angular meeting in Berlin and NG-DE.

🎤 Vanessa Böhner @vannsl - - New website in two and a half days.
Professionally web developers often deal with Legacy Codebases in Brownfield Projects. They get experts in topics how to combine jQuery with Single Page Applications. Unfortunately private projects are neglected since there is just not enough time. At least, that was the situation as Vanessa needed to get something in the world wide web in 2 nights and half a Saturday. We will see how to create a fully working website in the least amount of time possible using modern frameworks and libraries like Nuxt.js and Tailwind CSS.

Vanessa is a Product Engineer at SinnerSchrader. She created her first website at the age of 10 and has been passionate about web development ever since. She studied Media Informatics with a focus on Human-Computer-Interaction. Now she is striving to provide customers with the best experience possible while creating modern web applications.

🎤 Jan Krutisch @halfbyte - - My Music Machine
As part of the live:js collective, I am playing music live using my own tools, written in JavaScript and interfacing with other music software and hardware. My talk will be partly about the involved technologies (USB, MIDI, Audio) and partly a live demonstration aka a music performance with some beats to dance to.

Jan is Cofounder of Depfu, your friendly dependency update robot factory, Freelance web developer with a recent focus on music technology. Part time wannabe musician, member of live:js. Entertaining JavaScript conferences since 2013.

- Code of Conduct -
🚨SinnerSchrader is committed to providing a harassment-free event experience for everyone. All participants are expected to read and abide by the

- Any Questions? -
Feel free to ping Feli, [masked], @kotzendekrabbe