One more reason to learn Scala: Scala.js with Lutz Hühnken (Typesafe)


There are plenty of good reasons to learn and use Scala, and Scala.js adds another one: Scala.js allows you to compile Scala code to JavaScript, and run it in a web browser.We will inspect a little example application that shows the development setup, and how to use JavaScript libraries such as jQuery from Scala. We will examine how to test the code and how to call Scala functions from JavaScript.

Speaker:Lutz Huehnken is a Solutions Architect for Typesafe. He has been working in professional software development since 1997. In this time, he has taken on different roles in the creation of web applications in various industries. His current focus is Reactive Programming - the development of fault-tolerant, highly scalable, truly distributed systems - with Scala, Akka and Play. Occassionally he talks about this on conferences, for example code.talks, devoxx, and JAX. He tweets as @lutzhuehnken („“ (