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The Lagom Framework [ http://www.lagomframework.com/] is an open source JVM microservice framework from Lightbend (the makers of Akka and Play). It’s been designed from the ground up for doing just that - building microservices. But not only that, the creators describe it as being "highly opinionated". The natural question is, then - what are those opinions, exactly? We will explore them, and the related concepts:
- Use context bounds as boundaries for services! (Domain Driven Design)
- The event log is the book of record! (Event Sourcing)
- Separate the read and write sides! (CQRS)
- Microservices, too, need to be elastic and resilient! (Reactive)
- Developer experience matters! (The Lagom development setup)

At the end, you should have a good understanding of why things in Lagom are the way they are, and what to expect if you decide to build microservices with it.

Bio : Lutz Huehnken is a Solutions Architect at Lightbend. He’s been working in professional software development since 1997, and has successfully deployed major web applications for clients in different fields (retail, logistics, hospitality, finance). His current focus is the development of reactive applications - responsive, scalable, resilient systems - with Scala, Akka, Play or Lagom. Occasionally he speaks about this at conferences.