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[YouTube https://goo.gl/nfvcEA ] We are a local Software Craftsmanship and Testing Community that focuses on Software Design, Software Architecture, Clean Code, TDD and QA. We love to practice Katas and are a happy part of www.softwarecrafters.org and www.softwerkskammer.org.

Everyone is invited to join our meetups that usually consist of talks, workshops, discussion rounds and coding dojos. We are open for students, professionals and everyone that is excited about building software.

www.swkth.de | https://www.meetup.com/swkthde | www.twitter.com/swkthe | www.medium.com/swkthde | www.facebook.com/jenadevs | www.github.com/swkthde | www.xing.to/jenadevs | www.jena.today

Team: Benjamin Nothdurft, Andreas Grohmann

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SoftwerkerKonf 2021


Joint Virtual Meetup: Chaos Engineering


Devoxx4Kids Thüringen Homeschooling Edition


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