What we're about

(Modified with Language-sensitivity Translations. Marked [T:] in brackets)
Please first note that I am the new Organizer who, after the founder of this group electronically abandoned and leave this group, have ventured to "step up" and run this group without ever having met him. ([T:] 請先意會:我非這 MeetUp Group 的創辦人。原創辦人已於主持了兩個聚會後 stepped down; )

This MeetUp group is titled “Dead-serious Financial Traders' MeetUp.” Well, for each, say, 100 participants who trade the financial market, about 75 lose money over time (I'm being conservative); 15 may break even; and 10 or fewer are consistent winners year after year. In currencies, Futures and options, the numbers are significantly even smaller because of the leverage. ([T:] 已 100 年了沒改變。從來所謂「投資股票」,十賭八輸。因為槓杆,金、匯十賭九輸;衍生/結構產品長線倖存者絕無僅有。)

That implies that you have willfully chosen a path, for "financial freedom" or whatever other reasons, that will eat most of your waking time and brain power in exchange for:

1.) fun adventure and fabulous wealth; or
2.) ruin and regrets.

([T:] 這意味著(為了「經濟自由」或其他個人的原因),您選擇了一條或須犧牲大部份私人時間及腦汁去換取:
1.) 無窮樂趣及財富;或
2.) 貧窮及後悔


Wow. ([T:] Wow.) Just being tongue in cheek.

This is a group for folks who are determined, with iron in the soul, to step onto Path 1 and avoid Path 2...([T:] 這群組是為有「鐵靈魂」的決心踏上上述路途 1 避開路途 2 的同路人而設...)

... or those that are curious about taking on such a life. ([T:] 及對於如何極端地用腦汁換取富裕的普通人。)


For the simple reason that this group is all about money; A.K.A. profits and losses -- often astronomical for the truly self-destructive, here are the common-sensical rules: ([T:] 因此網上社區全盤涉及金錢盈虧;好麻煩。為免日後不快且「先小人後君子」,規矩如下:)

- Zero (read: nought; 0) "hot tip" or buy-or-sell advice will ever be let loose during our events. Many fertile forums are out there if free hot-tips are what you're seeking. ([T:] 不會有「貼士」或個別買賣勸告提供/提及。)

- Trading, when mixed with ego and alcohol, becomes a bomb. No event will take place at a venue that serves alcohol. ([T:] 投機 + 自尊 + 酒精 = 炸藥。這群組的聚會不會在有酒精售賣的地方。)