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Charlottesville, VA

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Jul 13, 2011


Gavin Huffman Entreprenuer and Investor

Introduce your self to tell the group! (Tell the group what you currently do, what you have done and what you hope to do)

My name is Gavin Huffman, I am a full time Healthcare professional and part time Real Estate Investor. I also run the Charlottesville REA found on

What are your goals in Real Estate Investing? ( Do you want to Buy and Hold, Wholetail / Retail, or Wholesale?)

I would like to buy and hold more but recently I have been buying and retailing because of the strong retail real estate market.

What Real Estate Investing experience and skills do you bring to the group? ( If None, then please describe what knowledge you hope to gain.)

I have been learning the Real Estate business for about 10 years. I also enjoy networking and through the Charlottesville REA I contribute to bringing Real Estate Investors together to mastermind.

If you are new to Real Estate or a Veteran, What would you say is your major Real Estate Accomplishment and Failure? (Example just got started, Studied with Guru's or Did nothing with coaching(Please Describe) from a mentor).

I think my willingness to stay focused on the business over time even though my growth has felt slow I am now gaining traction. I was not a good landlord. Maybe a cool one but not a real profitable one.

What do you hope you accomplish by being a member of this Real Estate Investor Association? (Be Specific, because this group loves to make goals come true)

I would like to just associate with Investors who have bigger businesses than I have.