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Richmond, VA

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Aug 16, 2018

Introduce your self to tell the group! (Tell the group what you currently do, what you have done and what you hope to do)

I live in Richmond looking to wholesale. I'm looking to build a buyer's list.

What are your goals in Real Estate Investing? ( Do you want to Buy and Hold, Wholetail / Retail, or Wholesale?)

My goal is to wholesale to raise money and get into flipping with an end result of buy and holds.

What Real Estate Investing experience and skills do you bring to the group? ( If None, then please describe what knowledge you hope to gain.)

I am fairly new but have done alot of research of my own.

If you are new to Real Estate or a Veteran, What would you say is your major Real Estate Accomplishment and Failure? (Example just got started, Studied with Guru's or Did nothing with coaching(Please Describe) from a mentor).

A failure for me is not following a passion for real estate at an earlier age. I've always been interested but never took the necessary steps to make things happen and create a business out of this.

What do you hope you accomplish by being a member of this Real Estate Investor Association? (Be Specific, because this group loves to make goals come true)

I hope to accomplish some financial freedom to free up time to spend with my family.