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What we’re about

🖤 Talking about death won't kill you!

🖤 This is a volunteer-run community for hosting discussions and sharing thoughts on death and dying (while eating desserts). Our goal is to create a safer space for people to talk about mortality and death, and to destigmatize conversations about death. Eating food and drink helps us build trust and enjoy life while doing so! Perhaps these conversations will help us make the most of our finite lives.

🖤 We have no agenda and are not trying to lead anyone towards any specific conclusions about death. We are not here to promote any business or product.

🖤 Following the Death Café model, our events are always donation-based or free so that no one is excluded from participating.

🖤 End-of-life, hospice, and death are areas of great cultural and spiritual importance to many. This group is open to all philosophies, faiths, atheisms, and cultural perspectives. Please be kind, open-hearted, and understanding when interacting with someone holding an alternate perspective.

🖤 This group is not meant to provide in-depth care around grief and bereavement. You are safe & welcome here, no matter your current experience of grief, sadness, fear or loss.

🖤 If you have any concerns about your safety or welcomeness in the group, please reach out to an administrator.

🖤Welcome to Edmonton's death positive community!