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What we’re about

Welcome to Debate Time! This group is intended for anyone out there willing to observe, moderate or participate in structured debates on a wide range of topics (Religion, Politics, Philosophy, Ethics, etc). Debates may be held online or in person depending on what is available. The structures will vary based on the preferences of any given set of debaters.

For all members in this group, I will routinely reach out to see what topics you may be interested in debating, and I will work with members in the group to put debate pairings together; whether it be 1:1 or even team debates.

No topic is off the table. We love debates on controversial topics, but it is also important to foster respect among people of all views. It takes a lot of courage to step up and debate a subject, so if you are interested in a topic and perhaps on the fence about publicly debating, please reach out and I will do my best to accommodate each individual. I will also make sure debates in this group are well moderated on terms everyone agrees to.

Here are some example topics out of the gate worth considering:

"Does God Exist?"
"Which is Better, Capitalism or Socialism?"
"Do We Have Free Will?"
"Is Climate Change Real?"
"Is The Earth Flat?"
"Is Abortion Immoral?"
"Are There Contradictions in the Bible?"
"Does Systemic Racism Exist?"
"Is Stem Cell Research Immoral?"
"What is the best Immigration Policy?"
"Is Morality Objective or Subjective?"
"Is Our President Doing A Good Job?"
"Should We Change The Second Amendment?"
"Atheism vs Theism"
"Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?"
"Is Universal Healthcare Good?"
"What Should The Minimum Wage Be?"
"Is Feminism Good?"
"Is Overpopulation A Concern?"

We hope to hear from you. Thanks!